Thursday, August 20, 2015

Affordable building construction with R.C.B. (Reinforced Concrete Block Masonry)

A new concept of building construction has been introduced recently, which may change the total scenario of building construction business in the near future.

This building structure always play vital role in making Green Buildings, Eco-friendly Homes, Energy Efficient houses, Schools, Towers,  Affordable Housing Projects.

It’s called Reinforced Masonry or C.M.U., or Reinforced Concrete Block Masonry- (R.C.B.). Now a days these are very common terminology for building construction.

R.C.C. type of construction was introduced by British & we are following Beam & Column type of construction for the last hundred years or so. R. C. C. building needs repairs within 15 years of construction it’s not due to anything is wrong with R. C. C. but there is more scope to use inferior material & workmanship in R.C.C. & hence need for early repair.

Whereas Our Forts, Old buildings V. T. Station. Municipal Bldg., Palaces, Towers are generally constructed by Stone Masonry load bearing method & have stood for hundreds of years without any major repair work.

The same load bearing technology has been further developed in U.S.A. & is called R.C.B. which is Speedy, Sturdy, Simple, Durable; Eco-Friendly also saves up to 30% in construction cost.  R.C.B.  stands for Reinforced Concrete Block Masonry. Now a days R.C.B. is a proven method of construction with millions of buildings being built By this way in the world.

It is considered as Eco-friendly construction material as it SAVES 100% bricks 50% steel+shuttering,40% concrete,25% utility bill. All in all  R.C.B. SAVES up to 30% in construction COST, Get up to 10% more Carpet Area by R.C.B. Planning & Design.

We at Gharplanner can provide you both type of structure design i.e. R.C.C. Structure and R.C.B. Structure.
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