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House Plan Blueprints provided by

Set of House Plan blueprints are full of information required for completing the construction of any residential building. These necessary drawings are part of complete house plans and termed as, "working drawings". It includes structural Plans, mechanical Plans, electrical plans, and plumbing plans. Working drawings are works in progress. This can be defined as the developing process of creating graphic images, details, and other supporting material that is necessary to explain how the home is to be built. Upon completion of working drawings, they then become what are known as "construction documents", which are the final graphic instructions with written specifications and supporting documents (structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing drawings) used to build a house.

House Plan blueprints offered by are highly detailed while others are moderately defined. You may say that these drawings or documents are a bare minimum for construction process. This is all determined by the type of architectural house plans that are required for constructing any residential building. Team Gharplnner always suggest you to take custom house plan services. You can compare the services of various service provider and finalize them for complete package. This will help you to understand the technicalities of drawings. Team Gharplanner also provides online or telephonic consultancy during construction. If in case you or your contractor finds any problem, we will try to solve the same. As blueprints we send the hard copy of drawings and cd-rom to our clients.
Team Gharplanner develops the drawings on the basis of customized requirement of clients. Depending on the size of the house plans and requirement of client, blueprints includes various drawings. Each drawing is generally specific to one aspect of the building and when combined with the other sheets create a complete picture of the building. Below are the typical draiwngs found in the architectural blueprint plan set:
1.      Layout Plan
2.      Floor Plans
3.      3D Exterior Elevations
4.      Working Plans
a.       Detailed Floor plan
b.      Building Sections
c.       Schedules - Door, Window, Finish, Stairs, Toilet and Kitchen
d.      Architectural Details
e.       Exterior Elevations
5.      Structural Plans
a.       Foundation Plans
b.      Column and Footing layout
c.       Reinforcement Drawings
d.      Beam and tie beam details
e.       Slab Drawings
f.       Framing Plans

6.      Electrical Plans (show locations of switches, outlets, lights, etc.)
7.      Plumbing Drawings (Drainage and water supply)
8.      Bill of Quantity
We will go into further detail on each sheet to explain the purpose of the specific drawing and what it includes. For more you can contact us at or reach us at given contact numbers.

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