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Vaastu guide lines for Plots

To build a dream home always needs some important considerations. Not only the architectural and interior designs are important, the location of the plot plays equal importance. Location of plot affects the energy of the residents throughout life.
Therefore while finding a proper plot it is advisable to follow vastu guidelines to make sure that the place becomes a healthful, energetic, cheerful and prosperous residence we all deserve.
These are some important points which need to be considered while selecting the plot:
1.      Location of Plot: - Most of us may know that the location of plot should not be near to temple, ashram, school, college, hospital, graveyard, garbage dump. Also, the plot should be fertile Earth or agricultural land and there should be some source of ground water. If in case the plot is small then mind the distance between big trees. If plot is big and avoid the construction near by any tree.
2.      Direction of Plot:-  Most appropriate direction for plot is East and North Facing. These Plots are good for construction. If in case the plot is west or south facing then the Architecture Design should be followed for getting the best entrance directions and following vaastu guidelines to generate positive energy in house.
3.      Shape of Plot:-Shape of plot matters a lot in the selection of land. The following are some shapes of the plots.
         The plot should be of square or rectangular shape. Ratio of width and length should not be more than 1:2 in rectangular plot. The square plot is the best.
         Plots having triangular, round shape, hexagon, octagon or polygon shapes should be avoided because these are not good for construction.
         Plots having an extended NE (North-East) corner is lucky.
         Gomukhi Plot is good for house plan construction. The plots narrow at front and wide at the back is also called as low pressure plot.
         Singhmukhi Plot is not suitable for House plan purposes. Such a plot is wide at the front as compared to the back. It may be used for commercial activities. It is suitable for the residence facing the roads in eastern or northern side. Such a plot is also called high pressure plot.
4.      Color of Soil:-Color of the soil is another important aspect which should not be avoided at the time of purchasing the plot. The following colors of soil are considered better for construction purposes.
         Red Soil:-Red soil is suitable for executives who are engaged in administrative and legal services. These executives are usually employees of Government, armed forces or administration
         Yellow Soil:-Yellow and Green is considered by shareholders, businessmen, bankers and by those who are directly related to commercial activities.
         White Soil:-Usually White soil is preferable for intellectual professionals like doctors, engineers, teachers, poets, musicians, consultants etc.
         Black Soil:-Black and clay soil is not good for construction.
But it is always advisable to consult a vastu expert before finalizing the decision. For and advice you can consult

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