Thursday, October 24, 2013

Bungalow house plans at GharPlanner

Bungalow House Plan: Bungalow house plans with their wide, inviting front porches and open living areas are a popular home design nationwide. The bungalow house plan style has its own luxury, utilization of space, landscaping etc. It lends itself to an easy and informal lifestyle, often coupled with well-wrought details. Bungalows make up in livability what they lack in Budget house plans. A typical floor plan features an open living area, with bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms arranged for easily accessibility. The low-slung roof - often with multiple projections - gives the home a "built-in" feel on the right lot. The bungalow house plan, with its signature wide, inviting porch supported by rectangular columns, provides what amounts to an extra room, open to the street and bringing the outdoors into play in the occupants' lifestyle. GharPlanner offers complete customized plans of various styles, sizes and configurations of Bungalow House Plans.  Existing plans can also be modified by the expert team of GharPlanner.
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