Thursday, October 10, 2013

House Plan Modifications at GharPlanner

House Plan Modifications at GharPlanner
Many people want to customize their own home and choose to modify the plans. At, GharPlanner you can send your existing House Plan to get it modified by experts.  For any modification you need to identify the new requirement which has to be accommodated in existing plans. Also, decision of House Plan modification depends of various factors:
1.       Not getting best form the earlier consultant or architect.
2.       Plans designed earlier and now the requirement is changed at the time of construction.
3.       Existing house renovation or extension.
4.       Needed second opinion from the expert architects.
5.       Expecting some improvement in finalized plans by local architect.
6.       Basic plans provided by local authority/builder, and there is scope of enhancement I house plans.
Some of the Considerations in house plan modification:

Before requesting a modification for your house plan, consider that many common changes can be made during construction without the need to modify the actual house plan design documents.  However, this is dependent on your local building codes and the flexibility of your local building department. You should ALWAYS consult with your home builder and local building official to determine whether the changes you want to make are feasible without having the design modified.
Commonly requested modifications include:
·         Eliminating windows, fireplaces, false dormers 
·         Changing garages from a 2 to 3-car 
·         Reconfiguring kitchen cabinets for appliances 
·         Rearranging certain interior walls 
·         Changing ceiling heights 
·         Changing exterior surfaces (brick, siding, stucco) 
·         Changing exterior wall framing (2x4 to 2x6) 
·         Changing a foundation type 
·         Relocating garage door openings / adding or eliminating bays 
·         Changing garages from/to rear, front, or side-load 
·         Kitchen or bath layout change 
·         Changing an exterior elevation style. (Using the floor plan of one home and the exterior of another) 
·         Adding or eliminating a room. (This would involve changes to all aspects of a plan - elevations, floor plans, roof, and foundation details) 
·         Stretching house plans in either width or depth 
·         Adding a bonus room over the garage 
·         Reducing or increasing the square footage of the home
To request a modification quote, you should begin the process by sending an email to with the adequate information of new requirement.

To respond to your needs, we have our own residential building designer who, along with his staff, performs this modification work for our customers. While you may choose to have your builder make your modifications or hire someone locally to do them, we’re glad to facilitate the process.