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Looking for an affordable house plan : GharPlannner

Looking for an Affordable House design for your Dream Home. offers you to get the house plans developed by the team of professional architects and engineers at affordable price. The cost of house design will vary as per the requirement and plot area. An Affordable House could be a simplex house of 2-3 bedrooms or a duplex house of 2-3 bedrooms. The basic difference between Duplex Affordable house plans and simplex affordable house plans is that the earlier on is more spacious than the latter type house design.  Because the duplex house plans is Ground + 1 floor house plan and the simplex house plan is only of ground floor. Apart from these two house design, there could be many more type of affordable house plans, but we can say these two are very famous house design type in team keeps on constantly updated with new home plans and resources to help you achieve your dreams, this site is the most comprehensive, easy-to-use source for home plans on the internet. Our affordable house designs are result of expert & creative mind and best technology available. You can find the uniqueness and creativity in our affordable home designs.
As online architecture consultancy, we believe that building a new home for you is like helping start a new life. It could be your shifting to a new home or building a new home from scratch. It’s always exciting but expensive and hence a stressful process too. And because it involves quite a number of aspects like home location, architectural study, signing up good architectural design services, house plans, home loans, legal processing, civil engineering works, supervision of the home building process, interior decoration and decorating the premises.
Here are top 3 architecture and home plan concerns for online architecture consultancy:
1. Is online consultancy for affordable house plans India suitable?
In today’s scenario online network of architecture consultancy is very strong. Almost every professional architects and engineers are associated with various online websites. also has a strong network of architects and engineers from all over India. This network helps us to get the expert architectural consultancy. For a home plan buyer, house design is like a dream home. Various options of front elevation are available online to choose the concept. will plan your dream home concept into actuality. team are enough capable to provide best consultancy for house plans at affordable cost.
Involving a good architect reduces the risk of the structure collapsing and takes care of the legal angles too, viz. getting the building permit passed that requires home plans be approved by licensed architects.
2. India Home Design by It’s not expensive
In this economy, it might be unfortunate for new home buyers to think that architects are expensive. That they charge huge fees and work for fancy projects only. The fees for an architect’s consultancy are all over the place. Some charge based on a percentage cost of the construction, while some charge on a per square foot basis while others charge on an hourly basis. It all depends on the scope of the project and it would be nice if you meet a couple of them to see where they are. But here at the architectural consultancy fee has been kept in favor for home buyer. charges a lump sum amount to provide architectural consultancy. This is only due the online network of architects associated with
3. Compatibility of online architecture consultancy in affordable house plan. has been introduce as a professional network of architects and engineers from all over India. This network is enough capable of providing the best architectural consultancy throughout the world. follows its punch line “ You dream it we Plan It”
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